WG2019 Programm - FIN 30I Women on the Verge of a Breakdown

StundeSonntag, 7. JuliMontag, 8. JuliDienstag, 9. JuliMittwoch, 10. JuliDonnerstag, 11. JuliFreitag, 12. JuliSamstag, 13. Juli


ShowtitelWomen on the Verge of a Breakdown
GruppennameOulun Voimisteluseura
These Finnish women of different ages all face some kind of trouble in their lives. Some difficulties are caused by other people, while others come from within. However, in the end we can see the power and strength of Nordic women and the way we can survive by helping each other.
Fun FactsIn this performance we can see Finnish women between the ages of 15-63 representing traditional Finnish flow gymnastics. In the first performance a young maid falls in love with an unfaithful man and in the end she ends up commiting suicide because of him. The second performance represent women in a mental institution, and in the third performance we see a group of women who survived, after all.
Gruppenleiter / VerantwortlicherIina Lepistö
Name des ChoreographenIina Lepistö, Pia Hannus, Irma Ala-aho