WG2019 Programme - Schuhplattler

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Performance titleSchuhplattler
The „Schuhplattler“ is a very traditional folk dance style which is popular in Bavaria and Tyrol (Southern Germany, Austria and the German-speaking regions of Northern Italy). At such dance the actors stamp, clap and hit with their flat hand on the soles of their shoes, thighs and knees. As a warm-up we do the „Haidauer“, then we learn the „Hammerschmidt“ and if there is sufficient time we also learn the „Müllerplattler“. Presenter: Markus Haider, Mario Böhler Background: Members of the garb club Wolfurt, established in 1981. The garb club dance Austrian folk dances and folk tunes, in addition the popular Schuhplatteln from Tyrol and neighbouring Bavaria is shown.