WG2019 Programme - (R)Evolution

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POR 12

Additional Information

Performance title(R)Evolution
Group nameAssoc. Educ. F. Desp. São Pedro Sul
In this team each gymnast contributed for a whole. We pretend that the routine reflects the gymnasts evolution up until this moment. The routines include several diverse moments with visual effects, groups within the group work, rhythm alternation, canons, alternations and different levels. We use diverse gym areas like acrobatics, rhythmics, floor acrobatics elements (Gymnastics for All). As far as music is concerned we went to diverse music styles that may sound revolutionary and technological. As for the outfits, they are innovative. The shirts are reversible and the leotards include elements like mirrors that makes them edgy. These elements largely contribute to the visual effects. What better characterises this team is the heart each one of them puts into the routine, all the emotion and love of gymnastics. Their passion and and cohesion reflects in the emotional quality of the work, as a whole.
Group leader / responsiblePedro Rodrigues
Name of the choreographerDuke Oliveira