WG2019 Programme - Crate-Flag-Petticoat/Stage of 100 Pics

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Additional Information

Performance titleCrate-Flag-Petticoat/Stage of 100 Pics
Group nameViscardi GYM/ES Munich/TSV Oberhaching
Crates, Flags and Petticoat - Stage of 100 Pictures Cubes and rectangels are the only things you need to create stage sceneries. Place artists between, let them play and enjoy the movement of pictures until perfect setting is found for performance of a huge opera singer.
Fun FactsThis show combines 3 artistic performances each with its own story. - “Think out of the box” Viscardi Gymnasium Munich: the 26 best artistic students from the Viscardi Gymnasium Fürstenfeldbruck combine the following artistic disciplines in their spectacular show: Juggling, unicycle, akrobatics and stool artistry. This unique one-of-a-kind performance is an artistic homage to Freddy Mercury and a symbol for sexual and artistic freedom. Using 80 yellow crates the students create surprising and emotional pictures. - „Moving Flags“: 36 students of the European School Munich, aged between 7 and 17, show an absolutely special demonstration with unusual hand tools, namely fabric-covered frames, so-called flags. The combination of partner and group acrobatics with various running, movement and carrying forms with the flags, as well as carrying and combining them to the rhythm of the music, create interesting, unusual and sometimes amusing pictures for the audience. - The Munich Sporttheater Ensemble (TSV Oberhaching) presents „The Living Petticoat“. All acrobats are part of a huge opera-singer’s petticoat coming to life. They begin carefully exploring the world outside the dress and then happily present their home inside the framework of 6 poles.
Group leader / responsibleLOEFFLauerhammerHAUSNER
Name of the choreographerDr. Thomas Löffl, Bernd Auerhammer, Nina Hausner, Verena Kanoldt