WG2019 Programme - Enchanting world

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Additional Information

Performance titleEnchanting world
Group nameSC Melle, TSV Etelsen
The German Gymnastics Federation proudly presents: SC Melle "SCrebel Dance & Trix" and TSV Etelsen „Enchanting World“ is the first collaboration of the two groups „SCrebel Dance & Trix“ and „Together for Midnight“ from Northern Germany. The choreographies may be different in style, but even more, they meet each other in the idea of seeing our world in a magical way. Together for Midnight decided to retell the story of Harry Potter’s magical world of wizards, spells and friendship. There may be hatred in the world, but in the end, the good will win. SCrebel Dance & Trix works with mutiple big wooden frames, using the music of the soundtrack „Earth from Above“. The group creates moving pictures in an artistical-abstract way and combines the styles of contemporary dance, acrobatics and tricking. The message of both: Watch the World – it’s enchanting!
Group leader / responsibleHensiek, Wöltjen