WG2019 Programme - Timeless

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Additional Information

Performance titleTimeless
Group nameShowteam Phoenix, Showteam InMotion
TIMELESS The Show block "Timeless" is presented by two Performance Groups from Germany: Showteam "Phoenix" from TV Zizenhausen and Showteam "In Motion" from SFN Vechta. The first part from Showteam Phoenix. The Group is led by a Team: Constantin Hirschle, Daniel Härle, Nicole Hartmann und Laura Keller. The Show is based on the famous German novel „Momo“ by Michael Ende. The young girl Momo is faced with the „grey men“, agents of a „time-savings-bank“, who try to make all people give up their joy of life, in order to save time. But in reality people are being deprived of their time. So Momo longs to return this time back to the people by means of hope and friendship – therefore a timeless tale! The second part of the show is presented by the Showteam "In Motion". The Group leaders are Christina Rauschmaier, Klaus Browatzki and Bettina Wichmann. The show is a journey back in time: Gods of Mount Olympus. Zeus rules all the ancient Greek gods on Mount Olympus. But the other gods also strive for the leadership: Poseidon is making the ocean waves swell, Hades leads into the underworld and Dionysos, the god of wine, brings everyone together by means of wine and dance. Please enjoy a vivid and entertaining show – TIMELESS !!
Group leader / responsibleC.Hirschle, C.Rauschmaier
Name of the choreographerNicole Hartmann