WG2019 Programme - The vampire's spell

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Performance titleThe vampire's spell
In the 1500 arrived in the venetian lagoon Count Dracula. After his transfer in the most beautiful castle of city, he organize a dance party for all ladies and to choose his future bride. The city’s gondoliers are preparing to accompany all ladies in the castle in front of Count Dracula, but only one will be the selected. In the big hall of the castle, a festive atmosphere is savored. The herald starts the dances. The ladies starts to dance in their elegant dresses. Suddenly the music stops and the Count Dracula enter with a flock of bats. The lady that he chooses has not escape and the vampire’s kiss transforms her in Vampire. The situation seems desperate until arrive of Van Hellsing, the vampire’s hunter. He faces the Count and stuns him. Evil loses power and an amazing light breaks the dark giving way to life to shine again and Venice became returns to its great splendor. In this choreography will perform boys and girls between 10 and 27 years old; you can admire how the power combines with grace and elegance creating an unexpected effect that will amaze you.
Group leader / responsibleMONICA BRADIMARTE
Name of the choreographerMONICA BRADIMARTE