WG2019 Programme - Mäder, J.J. Ender Areal

Side Events

saturday, 6th July 18:00
Welcome Brasil Party
sunday, 7th July 19:30
Official Welcome Evening in Mäder
monday, 8th July 19:00
Eat n' dance
tuesday, 9th July 19:00
Brazilian Sun Festivity
wednesday, 10th July 19:00
Eat n' dance
thursday, 11th July 19:00
Eat n' dance
friday, 12th July 19:00
Eat n' dance
saturday, 13th July 19:00
Até a proxima

Additional Information

The Church and the the Area around the J.J. Ender Hall presents a perfect place for relaxing evenings, great parties and a lot of cultural communication. The bus stop "Mäder Schule" is very close (one minute).
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