WG2019 Programme - Rankweil, city centre

Side Events

sunday, 7th July 19:00
Big welcome party in Rankweil
monday, 8th July 19:00
Nations Evening - Canada meets Rankweil
monday, 8th July 21:00
Tumbleweed Country Line Dance
tuesday, 9th July 19:00
Nations Evening - Great Britain and Australia in Rankweil
tuesday, 9th July 21:00
Live Music Karaoke – Limuka
wednesday, 10th July 19:00
join in the dance to folk music
wednesday, 10th July 21:00
The Ed Sheeran Experience (GB)
thursday, 11th July 19:00
Nations Evening – Belgien meets Rankweil
thursday, 11th July 21:00
Simon & Garfunkel Revival Band
friday, 12th July 19:00
Bye Bye Party Rankweil
friday, 12th July 21:00
The Souljackers

Additional Information

Marketplace under the basilica in the center of Rankweil
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